University Canada West

Berikut adalah informasi bagi Anda yang memiliki rencana kuliah ke University Canada West:

University Canada West was founded in 2004 by Dr. David Strong, an accomplished academic and distinguished scientist who served as President of the University of Victoria for over a decade. The vision was to create an independent, accessible university with a practical focus and an emphasis on excellent teaching. University Canada West prides itself on offering rigorous programs with a distinct business orientation. I joined in September of 2012 after 16 years at Kwantlen Polytechnic University to help continue that evolution.

Located in Vancouver’s downtown core and drawing students from more than 40 countries, the university offers a dynamic learning environment, personal attention, and competitive tuition rates. Focus group research indicates that students highly value dedicated faculty and small class sizes. The fantastic location also improves students’ chances of gaining all-important industry experience, preparing them for their careers after university.

List of Departments

Bagi Anda yang memiliki rencana kuliah di University Canada West berikut jurusan kuliahnya : 

  • Commerce
  • Business Communication
  • Arts
  • MBA
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