Douglas College, Canada

Douglas College, Canada

Bagi anda yang ingin kuliah di Douglas College, Canada. Berikut informasi sekolahnya :


What’s in a name? At Douglas College, quite a lot. Find out why!

DO what you love.

At Douglas, a good career means loving what you do and being good at it.

What will you DO?

Answering that important question can be hard. That’s why we encourage you to explore, and discover new passions, new strengths and new dreams. We promise to support you, and push you to learn, grow and become what you’ve always wanted to be. You’ll get there, for sure.

List of Departments

  • Child, Family and Community Studies
  • Commerce and Business Administration
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Language, Literature and Performing Arts
  • Science and Technology
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